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        The concept of theatre developed by bSw based on creating of new forms of interaction between the inner and outer world of the character. Every collision consider as struggle of different forces directed from sub consciousness to outside and vice versa and therefore acted in between of the world of dream and the world of reality, in the borderline divided two equal universes- in the body of actor. Therefore, there are special demands as far as it is concern to actors training, because all expressive sources have to possess an universal nature, open to every audience. Actors have to mirror reality through dreams, using the power of primary Creation which brings this world into being.

     This way of theatre is perhaps the most adequate embodiment of Antonin Artaud's "theatre of cruelty" concept; it's as cruel as only the mirror can be.

        Basically we can divide the program of workshop into three parts which are placed parallel and interact as different media interact in nature:

    Alien Body- physical training

    Time-Space- composition training

    The Cell - stage training

    Alien Body

        It is physical training, which depend a lot on the physical state and abilities of the actors as well as the aim of workshop ( for drama actors it is not the same as for physical theatre ).

    - to create the gap between actors and their movement to give them possibility to observe themselves as somebody else. Actors bodies itself are inexhaustible source of movements, when you remove your own personality from it.

    - it is necessary to bring the main geometrical figures and attributes to the body of actors which are often full of chaos. Also geometrical structures of the body possess actors to master the space around them.

    - Control the breath- the main source of energy for movement, the main watches for the actors.

    -  control balance and coordination.

    - Different kind of motions- even motion, start-stop motion, and impulse as a source of the motion. Basical movements, basical characterics of movement composed the beginner kit which can be developed through the whole life

    And all this things (and many others) actors have to control automatically without thinking about it


    The great illusion appeared when actors don’t change physical objects itself (including their own body) but vary the laws of nature around them, or even create their own laws. To find starting point for such activity serves composition exercises, which content as main part Time-Space exercises.

    Actually nature laws are virtual objects and therefore open to actors influence- they can locally make an illusion of changing the gravity, time flow, equality of the space etc.

    Such kind of work allows actors to use the technique of self animation- drawing the world around their own body like some kind of computer graphic This allow actor to create some kind of virtual space, like the space of dream, for our opinion very natural to the theatre itself

    The Cell

    Starting from the theatre needs any new experience arises from this training have return to the theatre again- experiment will be successful when your ability to reflect grow up So the necessary part of the program is stage rehearsal, where actors have to bring into life their own cell- small universe

    They have to organize the structure of the performance- interactions of their own body, light, sound, stenography If this new experience will not be realized on the stage it remained just some useless knowledge’s which disappeared soon

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