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    Awards / Festivals

    ·        Edinburgh festifal fringe 2000 (Edinburgh, UK)

    ·        London International mime festival 2001 (London, UK)

    ·        Zuercher theater spektakel (Zurich, Switzerland)

    ·        Arts Summit Indonesia 2004 (Jakarta, Indonesia)

    ·        Mimos 2001(Perigueux, France)

    ·        Teatro del Cuerpo 2003 (Mexico, Mexica)

    ·        Taipei International Arts Festival 03 (Taipei, Taiwan)

    ·        Noorderzone 2002, 2004 (Groningen, The Netherland)

    ·        MimeFestival von Vlaanderen (Leuven, Belgium)

    ·        Festival les Artes Russes 2003 (Nice, France)

    ·        Teatro Europeo 2004, 2008 (Torino, Italy)

    ·        Glastonbury 2003, 2004 (Glastonbury, UK)

    ·        NovArt 2003 (Bordeaux, France)

    ·        Apritiscena 2004 (Crema, Italy)

    ·        Thessaloniki Spring Festival 2002 (Thessaloniki, Greece)

    ·        Refract 2002 (Belgrad, Yugoslavia)

    ·        Hambach 2002 (Schloss, Hambach, Germany)

    ·        kontext:Europe 2000 (Vienna, Austria)

    ·        TranseEurope 2000 (Hildesheim, Germany)

    ·        Russian Seasons (Graffenegg, Austria)

    ·        Konfrontacije Teatralne 2000 (Lublin, Poland)

    ·        Contact 1997 (Torun, Poland)

    ·        Apart 1998, 1999, 2000 (Katowice, Poland)

    ·        Arena 1998, 2000 (Erlangen, Germany)

    ·        Aquarius Era 1998 (Burgas, Bulgaria)

    ·        The Theatres crash 1998 (Klodsko, Poland)

    ·        International Mime Arts Festival 2004 (Warsaw, Poland)

    ·        Varna summer 1998 (Varna, Bulgaria)

    ·        Krakow Reminiscene 1999 (Krakow, Poland)

    ·        Theatre in suitcase 1999 (Sofia-Burgas, Bulgaria)

    ·        Festival de theatre Europeen 1999 (Grenoble, France)

    ·        Unidram 1999, 2000, 2002 (Potsdam,Germany)

    ·        Mimorial 2001(Kolin, Chekh Republic)

    ·        Moving Mime 1999 (Tilburg, The Netherlands)

    ·        Maski (Poznan, Poland)

    ·        III Off Presentation 1999, 2000 (Bydgosczch, Poland)

    At the international theater festival KONTAKT97 (Torun, Poland) performance of "Here was the Soviet Union" won the prize "The Golden Coach", and actress Marcella Soltan was named best actress of the festival.

    At the festival, THE THEATRES CRASH98 play "Toys Bertrand" was honored with five awards, including Grand Prix, the grand prize of criticism, young critics prize and two special prizes. Marcella Soltan received the prize"The artist himself defines the laws of his work."

    At the world's largest theater festival Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2000 play toys Bertrand won the grand prize-Fringe First - "Innovation in theater and outstanding new play," as well as a prize Total Theatre - "design concept and the outstanding acting technique."
    At the festival, Zuercher Theater Spektakel for the performance of the USSR It was Marcella Soltan received the main prize - Furder Prize - "artistic excellence - the actress has developed a new theatrical language, which makes it unique expressive power, expressiveness and power of imagination."
    At the Festival Theater MIMOS in 2001 was awarded for the performance here was the main prize of the USSR -Prix de la Critique - "mastery of the theater in every possible way to condense the entire history of the theater movement from Deburau to modern forms, including a theater of illusion."
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