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    In 1988 Dmitry Aryupin, theater director, a graduate of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, physicist and mathematician, met Marcello Soltan and Andrew Ivashnev and then and was founded theater "blackskywhite"

    In 1997, the theater goes on European area with the play "It was the USSR " (premiere in 1994). The play was awarded the prize "Golden Coach" at the festival Contact 97 (Torun, Poland)

    In 1998, in the festival “The Theatres crash 98” - performance " Bertran Toys" was honored with five awards, including the Grand Prix, the main prize of the critics, young critics prize and two special prizes.

    In 2000 the theater "blackskywhite" gets one of the most prestigious theater awards Fringe first in 2000 (Edinburgh) for innovation in the theater and uniqueness of statement "Bertran Toys" (premiered in 1995)

    In 2000, the famous English theater monthly magazine Total Theatre awards theater for design concept and exclusive possession of the body.

    In the Switzerland's biggest festival Zurcher Teater Spektakel, theater performance was highly appreciated, and actress Marcella Soltan won the top prize for excellence understanding of acting.

    Marcella Soltan repeatedly recognized as the best actress at various international festivals, and the jury of The Theatres crash 98 honored her as winning "creativity artist."

    In 2001, the premiere of "Astronomy for insects.

    In 2010, the UK premiere of the performance "ESM".

    In 2013, the premiere of "OMEGA", UK.

    In 2014, the premiere of "M means Magritte", UK.

    Theater "blackskywhite" participated in more than 40 international theater festivals. Theater has fans in Austria, Germany, France, Italy, UK, Poland, Holland, Romania, Bulgaria, Switzerland and other countries. Lately theater "blackskywhite" is gaining popularity in Russia.

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